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A better way to learn tent and membrane structure permitting & inspection

As a non-profit organization, we have taken on the leadership role and development of collaborative safety between the AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) and the Special Event Industry through education. ICC Preferred Education Provider

ICC CE Courses

& Special Event Partners Certificate Credits

Benefits of Online Learning Convenient Schedule Financial Savings Additional Skills Online education offers many benefits and advantages while still providing programs and courses of high quality. SAFTSE delivers ICC CE Points after completion, and these sessions are now available online.


The first inspection step begins with “Site Location.” The site location information is available from the construction documents. The same construction documents should also have the structural design information and floor plans. We begin by arriving at the…


Under Construction
A comprehensive evacuation plan starts with a collaborative safety approach. A discussion about the evacuation plan between the CEO and special event partners should start when applying for the permit.

Permit Preview

Before authorizing a permit a review should take place. Plus, the advantage to the review the infamous Eraser Model can be adopted solving problems on paper versus on site.

Special Events Stuctures

New  2018 IFC addition

Adequate Anchorage

Under Construction
Defining IFC Code 3103.9 Anchorage Required, or how is a tent or membrane structure attached to Mother Earth.

Operational Management Plans

Under Construction
As an event organizer, they are responsible for planning and managing risk at their event. An AHJ responsibility is to evaluate the event operations plan that will deliver a safe, healthy and successful event and still be compliant with your permit application. The Operational Management Plan course outlines the necessary steps for both you as an AHJ and the Special Event Partners to create a safe environment for the attendees.

Temporary Stage Canopies

Under Construction

Outdoor Assemblies

New for 2018 IFC Model Code

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