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 What you receive by Joining TRAM.
• TRAM is a registered member of ICC cdpACCESS

• Our group has the consultants

• Proofreaders for a proposal approved by our members

•  Access to ICC committee proposal

• Monthly newsletter and access to Skype group chat or WebEx video conference
• Tentrenters Blog: Members can submit posts or commit as an editor
• You opinion is important
• TRAM has one objective inform and fight for fair code revisions
• Cost yearly membership $150.00 – Tent Rental Companies
• Cost yearly membership $250.00 – Manufactures


Anyone can submit code changes to the ICC committee. Follow these steps:

• First register a user name and password with ICC cdpACCESS

• Locate the code chapter and article that you want to submit changes

• Research current code or pay consultant

• Start composing your changes

• Hire someone to proof your changes

• Re-compose your proofreaders suggestions

• Re-proof

• Re-compose proofreaders suggestion

• Re-proof again

• Proposal change complete

• Search ICC cdpACCESS site submit date and what group you are in

• Submit proposal

• Find members who are on the code committee
• Lobby code committee, lobby so more, continue to lobby, and final lobby

• Membership dues for ICC $495.00 – you are eligible to vote on your proposal

• Wait for decision if not passed start again in three years

The condensed version to submit to ICC cdpACCESS, but this is the basic process in beginning stages of submitting a proposal.


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