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The purpose of TRAM is to significantly improve collaboration between event vendors and event professional by establishing an efficient means of exchanging information, products, and services.
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By changing to a digital format and adding columnist and vendor blogs this allows TRAM to deliver a positive experience and create value for our members.
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Our Partnership:

TRAM'S primary objective is to work with our members and code officials to build a partnership. Thru collaboration, tent rental companies and code officials need to educate themselves. Tent rental companies and code officials have to reach a mutual understanding regarding the construction of a temporary event. The development of a particular event can be unique to a geographical area. Because of these complexities there needs to be a dynamic partnership to develop a safe and successful event.


Our Vision:

By initiating an open dialog between tent rental companies, event planners, and code officials, we as a group can define and create solutions that prioritize safety for the client and community.

Our Values:

  • Customer's safety
  • A trusting and relationship between tent rental companies and code officials
  • All members have a voice
  • Moving forward as professionals
  • Developing economical and practical solutions
  • Defining our role as a leader in code reforms
  • Developing standards for the tent rental industry

Our Goals:

  1. Provide an opportunity for open discussion between tent companies and code officials. With the tools and technology TRAM has at its disposal we can organize an online meeting, or if needed we can facilitate those requirements using a Skype group chat or a WebEx panel discussion.
  2. By promoting continuing education and training by demonstrating best practices with manufacturers specifications and following current safety code procedures.
  3. To work with manufacturer's implementing installation procedures and offer our knowledge and skills to fire marshals and building inspectors.
  4. To step forward and provide solutions that match or exceed the current safety codes and still create a safe and profitable event.  

Become a member of TRAM because there is strength in numbers. When we work together as a collective industry, our voice will stand out, and our combined impact will be greater than if you are on your own.