Become a TRAM Columnist


As a TRAM columnist, you are paid in exposure. You cannot spend exposure, but it does build an audience along with promoting your brand. Marketing 101, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I'd like to explain how to become a TRAM columnist.

First read TRAMS’ columnist: This sounds like a basic idea, but many people who have asked to become a TRAM blogger have never done this. You need to understand what audience TRAM is attracting and the topics that work on our website. Look for posts that share your likes or dislikes in a specific area of interest.

Get to know the columnists: TRAM is consist of a multitude of tent and event sections called columnist. Each columnist publishes pages to a specific topic or awareness. You'll find this columnist listed under menu “Columnists. The basic point here is that you have an opportunity to voice an opinion through a specific column or request to add a new column and promote your brand.

Write your post: Once you have the previous complete steps, create a post that falls somewhere between 200-300 words. While TRAM has an editor, we do not have much time to perform substantial editing on a post. It should be free of spelling errors and grammatically correct.

Select the link to submit your request to become a columnist. If you do not have a personal blog, just include the post in plain text in the email.

Once your post is accepted, be ready with a quick two to three sentence bio and a headshot. Make certain your publish post has your personal website, blog, Twitter handle, and other social media links included at the bottom of the post. The whole reason for publishing is to build your brand.

Contact TRAM about becoming a columnist.