The tragic accident involving an Amtrak Train killing eight people may have been prevented if a speed control wireless network was turned on. Read Washington Examiner Story and how the solution is on the fast track.

An Indiana State Fair stage collapsed August 13,2011. An Evacuation Plan had been debated, and the decision delayed Read Events Leading Up to Collapse seven people were killed.

A tent collapses outside of a bar in St Louis April 28, 2012 injuring 20 and one person died of an apparent heart attack.  Read and view ABC reporting of the incident.

“Why do people have to die before regulations are enforced”? All three of these tragic events have one thing in common; they ignored safety procedures! We can debate it was an “Act of God” or “Human Error” but the end results mean stricter regulations are becoming the standard.

We do have choices regarding how rules will become enacted. One can sit and do nothing and hope the ICC committee does not destroy a portion of our business, or become involved and try to level the playing field. By leveling the playing field, we become involved with the officials and create regulations that are equitable to both sides.

A code official told me “We have and eye on you.” He stated that if the tent rental industry does not come forward with solutions the ICC committee will create regulations on their own without our input.

The Sleeping Bear is Awake and the time has come to accept that there are impending problems, so join TRAM together we can present ICC with a solution.