“Fire Marshals” primary goals are enforcing fire prevention regulations that promote life safety.

While the “Tent Pro” strives for a successful business, they understand there is a necessity for balance between life safety and profit.

“The Rest” have little regard for life safety that threatens a profit.

What if
the “Fire Marshals” and “Tent Pros” got together and discussed how the current code affected them and created a solution designed to resolve those problems. First, both sides must understand the current regulations. Starting with the “Tent Pro”, defining and demonstrating best practices from tent associations and tent manufacturers’ guidelines could create a standard to educate the “Fire Marshal” on what methods to use to inspect a properly installed tent(s). The “Fire Marshal” then informs the “Tent Pro” of their concern for life safety while enforcing the current regulations when inspecting tent installations. God forbid we could have a compromise here!

The next problem
is “The Rest”. Unfortunately the “Fire Marshals” have limited resources and man hours to inspect every event. The criteria for inspection may revolve around the number of people attending an event. We are not saying smaller events do not need the same treatment as a larger event, but in reality there are a limited amount of resources for the “Fire Marshals”  to inspect every event.

Our “Fire Marshal”,
because of the training the “Tent Pro” provided, has new tools to inspect “The Rest” installations. Oh, there will be much complaining from “The Rest” but the “Tent Pro” and the “Fire Marshal” have to become involved to create a workable solution. Otherwise, the only avenue the “Fire Marshals” has is to impose stricter tent and membrane structure regulations. These rules will cause additional hardships for the “Tent Pro” and “The Rest” will still have little regard for life safety.

Respectfully Yours
Jim Erickson