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The world standard for broad gauge railway line is 4 feet and 8½ inches between the parallel tracks. This odd figure has its origin in the axle width of Roman army chariots designed to accommodate the rear ends of two horses yoked side-by-side.
Reference Business Dictionary 

If the railroad industry can substantiate using horses rear end to develop a standard, I am confident the tent rental world can produce a series of standards that will encourage a safe environment for our guests.

May I suggest we start out with a modest, but still relevant a soil testing standard. We begin by referencing the US Dept. of Agriculture has U.S maps that contain information on soil data, types, and densities. The data and description establish support for our regional soil variations.

Establishing a soil testing average: Our objective is to determine an average soil type as a starting point. You have to take into consideration how moisture can affect the soil conditions. The only option for the changing circumstances is your due diligence to re-test and re-stake. Without a starting point, it becomes a challenge to establish comparisons to quantify our testing.

The Test: To develop our testing process we will start with ASTM symposia papers “Field Testing of Soils” and specifically document STP 322 titled “Prototype Load-Bearing Tests for Foundations of Structures and Pavements.” Taken from the abstract the description states, Practical applications of these concepts and principles of simulated performance and prototype load-bearing tests are covered. Suggestions are made for field procedures that incorporate these concepts and principles. Using these principles, we begin our experimental testing process.

Upon Further Review: We continue defining our test by contracting an engineering group familiar with tent and membrane structures to quantify our procedures. Once we obtain the results together with the agreement of satisfaction, we then ask knowledgeable members of the IBC and IFC to critique our findings and offer suggestions that would enhance and legitimize our test as a reference and in the future an I-Code standard.

The Scope: What we have demonstrated is the beginning stages of a soil testing scope. The crucial phase in developing a manageable scope is forming a subcommittee. The subcommittee’s criteria for success begins with strong leadership, management skills, and above all consensus support from the tent rental industry.

If the railroad industry can use horses rear ends to define a standard, our future development of standards is unstoppable.

New High Peak Frame Tent

Contact Information:

Company: Vitabri Canopies

Contact Person: Damien Vieille

Tel: 714-842-7500



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From Festivals to Backyard Parties, Tent Users Can Now Enjoy Events Easier Than Ever.

European Tent Leader Vitabri Canopies Unveils New Innovation at Upcoming ARA Show

Huntington Beach,CA- Feb. 01, 2012 – Vitabri Canopies, Corp announces their new innovative tent line, the V3 High Peak. This new tent allows anyone to set up a Frame Tent safely within 30 seconds. This Tent is the only High Peak shape using the Pop Up Tent system, totally eliminating any pole assembly typically found in competitors’ models. This innovation is based on the company’s best seller, the V3 line. This high peak version was a highly demanded product from countless customers in the rental industry. It is comparable to any traditional frame tent but designed with their revolutionary “30-second deployment” system.
Company CEO Damien Vieille says, “The added advantage of our product is that it can replace the two types of tents you usually find in a rental shop: the traditional frame tents and the pop-up tents. With our products, you get one tent that can do both jobs. Our customers save time and money in setting up our tents instead of their usual Frame Tents and they feel more secure for their jobs that would usually require a pop-up tent.” “We are honored and excited to release the first high peak tent worldwide that includes a 30-second deployment system

at The Rental Show inNew Orleans,” Vieille said. Made in the USA with durable aluminum poles, stainless steel fastenings, and heavy-duty vinyl tops, they are built to endure intensive uses of professional tent rental companies. Safety is also a top priority; the vinyl tops are flame retardant. They are also guaranteed to be waterproof, not just water-resistant, keeping guests dry and protecting valuables from water damage.

The V3 High Peak is available in three sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. The telescoping legs make the canopy adjustable for three different heights up to 8 ft. The tent is designed for easy setup and takedown, without even having to remove the top from the frame, which means the top stays cleaner by never touching the ground. When you are finished using the tent, it conveniently collapses, occupying less than 5 square feet, ideal for compact storage. This tent allows users the freedom to do all jobs with one type of tent, offering less stress for rental companies. Beyond consumer safety, this new V3 is an ideal solution to reduce set up time for tents. This is a major concern for rental companies especially at this tough time in the economy.

 About Vitabri Canopies, Corp

Tent Manufacturer, based inHuntington Beach,CA, the company has been leading the tent business for more than 15 years.

Vitabri was started inFrancein 1997, always focusing on innovation and was the first manufacturer to introduce the aluminum frame in the canopy industry, which made the company the European market leader, in producing of canopies.

With growing demand in the rental industry for easierHighPeaktent set up, Vitabri has been focusing on a solution for the past year resulting in the industry’s biggest innovation to date.

For more information on this new product, e-mail or call 714-842-7500.

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Trust in Anchor for over a century

For well over a century, Anchor has been respected for innovative fabric products, manufacturing expertise and high standards of integrity.  Founded in Evansville, Indiana, in 1892, as a small riverboat supplier along the Ohio River, Anchor is now a world leader in the manufacture of fabric products for industry, rental and recreation.  Today, Anchor employs nearly 400 skilled workers and has over 350,000 square feet of production capacity at two locations.

 Anchor credits its long history of growth and vitality to its greatest assets:  its many loyal customers and employees.  Thanks to the company’s strong, diversified foundation and innovative, motivated people, Anchor Industries entered its second century in a stronger position than at any other time in its history.  The family-owned company looks forward with confidence to a future of continued success.


Aztec Tents

Aztec sets sail with new 59’ Tidewater Tent design

May 18, 2011

What started four years ago as a handful of requests for a new sailcloth tent design from rental companies along the New England seaboard, has turned into a national trend. As the Tidewater Series continues to gain popularity across the nation, the number of Tidewater Series products is also expanding. The original design in Aztec’s Tidewater Pole Tent Series included 20’, 32’ and 44’ widths, followed by a 51’ version of the pole tent last year. 2010 also included the advent of the Tidewater Frame System which includes 10 x 10 and 20 x 20 square models as well as 20’, 30’, 40’ and 50’ hex-ended configurations. There are also a number of Tidewater accessories including marquee connectors and rain gutters.

This April, Aztec Tents unveiled its greatest triumph in this product line to date; the 59’ wide Tidewater Series Twin Pole. Driven by an increasing number of requests for larger events under the Tidewater Series of tents, Aztec’s design and production teams, working with input from Tidewater rental dealers, manufactured a 59 x 111 twin pole tent. The 59’ Tidewater features all of the striking characteristics of the smaller versions: king and queen center pole design, star reinforcement points at all pole locations, rounded ends, clean lines and elegant seam construction, highly translucent and light permeable fabric, catenary eave line, strong welded seams and one-piece construction. It is currently offered in four sizes including: 59 x 79, 59 x 99, 59 x 119 and 59 x 139. “The evolving trends throughout the marketplace continue to drive Aztec’s design team, and the 59’ Twin Pole Tidewater proves that”, says Andrew Chase of Chase Canopy, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Chase is one of the Tidewater Dealers that was instrumental in the new design process.

With the 59’ Tidewater Twin Pole already in production, tent rental companies now have the ability to cover as much as 7700 square feet of event space with a Tidewater Sailcloth Tent, “and that”, says Chase, “covers a lot of tables and chairs”.

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