How can a label affixed to a tent end or mid-section cost $100,000.00?

100000-billFirst, we start with the ICC code Tent label revision:
3104.3  – Membrane structures or tents shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification of the size or material type.

The IFIA code proposal:

31040.3  – Tent, membrane structures, sidewall, drop and other decorative materials shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification and information as follows: …Continue reading

The condensed IFAI version: …Read the Full Version

If you have a tent or membrane section that equals 800 square feet or larger the section is required to have two labels 6” X 9” affixed to the section. Liners and drapes will have a minimum of XX point shall be sufficient. Decorative materials are exempt. Sidewall or drops comprising 20% of the total space requires a label.

Ten Tent Rental companies are meeting our criteria.

estimateFirst we start with the manufacturers. Each section that meets the requirement has to have two labels. Currently, each section has one label. Our estimation of cost to affix the second manufacturer label with time and materials is $200.00 per new section. This cost will be passed on to the client, which in this scenario is the rental company. In our tent rental companies inventory, we will estimate that the company has 200 sections that equal 800 square feet or larger. The process starts with opening each section affixing a label, sewed or an iron-on label, re-bagged and put away. If this section has a faded or missing a label, you are required to replace the faded label. The estimated cost of time and materials $150.00 per section.

A ten year estimation cycle:

  1. Current inventory 200 sections
  2. Apply label to existing inventory and re-apply label every five years, Cost $60,000
  3. New Purchase 200 sections during cycle with added label, Cost $40,000
  4. Reapply label for New Purchases after a five year period, Cost $30,000.
  5. Estimate Cost — $130,000.00
  6. Apply average cost of $100,000

Choose a proposal or suggest a revision.

ICC or IFAI revisionYou have to look at both proposals as suggested revisions. Our estimation is also just an estimate not backed by a calculated job cost model. Your obligation is to analyze the two proposals and our estimate and then apply these procedures to your operational cost.

The ICC code revision is asking for a label. Our job is to discuss and define the label and its application. The second problem is that as you wash and maintain tent sections the label fades. The discussion needs to address the natural diminishing of a label and create a solution. Without a discussion, you are looking at a $100,000.00 label.