TRAM Tent Stake Data

Sec_GroupProvided by The SEC Group – Mathew Holt

Subject: Testing with five foot stake to pole distance and 7′ side pole height

Testing with five foot stake to pole distance and 7′ side pole height
Test date 4/10/13 – 9:00 AM. – Temp. 70 degrees f – Dry conditions
1/2″ – 18″ Jay Hook Stake – 200 lbs failure 1/2″ – 24″ Nail Head Stake – 300 lbs failure – 5/8″ – 18″ Double Head Stake- set at maximum depth- 400 lbs failure 3/4″ – 24″ Nail Head concrete form stake – 300-400 lbs failure 1″ -24″ single head stake – 300 lbs failure 1″ – 30″ single head stake – 300 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven half depth – rope placement at base of stake -200 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven half depth – rope placement top of stake – 400 lbs failure 1″ -42″ – driven proper depth – rope placement bottom of stake – 500 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven on angle to proper depth- rope placement bottom of stake – 500 lbs failure 1″ -42″ – double head driven to proper depth – 2″ web guy and ratchet – 1000 lbs failure
1 1/8″ – 42″ -double head driven to proper depth-ground mounted ratchet and web guy – 1400 lbs failure Two 1″ – 42″ double head with two hole stake bar stakes set behind each other, ground ratchet and AB guy – 1200 lbs failure Three 1″ -42″ double head stakes with two, two hole stake plates set in ” v” shape with two stakes behind front stake – ground ratchet and web guy – 220 lbs failure
1 -1/8″ – 42″ , three hole stake bar with single ground ratchet and web guy, ratchet mounted in center stake – 3000 lbs failure
1 -1/8″ – 42″ , five hole stake bar with two ground ratchets and web guys, ratchets in stakes 2 and 4 – 4500 lbs NO Failure. Estimate in on site soil conditions system would fail at 6000 + lbs
1 ” – 42″ – two three hole stake bars in line to set six stakes with two ground ratchets and web guys – ratchets set on stakes 2and 4 – conditional failure at 5000 lbs.


www.greatmats.com_images_products_max_portable-dancefloorIntroducing EZ Connect Portable Dance Floor, an excellent portable dance floor system that snaps together in minutes.  It’s quick, simple, inexpensive, and looks fantastic.  This dance floor features a commercial-quality, vinyl laminate surface complete with UV protective coating.  Perfect for weddings and other events both indoors or out.

EZ Connect Portable Dance Floor is best portable dance flooring on the market and we sell it at unbeatable prices.   Compare the rugged tab/loop interlock system to the competition, EZ Connect is designed for repeated installation and tear down.  The connection tabs will not break from repeated installations.

Choose a warm and comfortable wood grain or stone pattern to bring your portable dance floor to life. This flooring easily interlocks together and is designed for repeated installations.  Water resistant vinyl is durable and provides great traction.  Beveled edges are available for “island” installations to reduce any tripping hazards.

EZ Connect is manufactured in the USA, the surface texture of this vinyl tile features a scratch resistance designed for heavy traffic that allows for tables and chairs during the day and a full-on basketball game or aerobics class at night.  This innovative raised floor tile system also offers versatility for all types of applications.  Use this flooring in just about any capacity you need to.  Works great as flooring for your tent too!

15 year wear layer surface and a 10 year limited lifetime warranty included.


Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622 or visit our site at

Wacker Neuson Tent Stake Driver

April 3, 2013
Contact: Julie Shuster
Wacker Neuson Corporation
Marketing Communications


Wacker Neuson tent stake driver improves productivity 

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin – Wacker Neuson’s gasoline breaker makes driving tent stakes easy.  The BH 65 offers operator comfort with an optional lower handle especially designed for driving stakes.  The BH 65 offers improved liability, serviceability and ergonomics features to increase production.   The improved cooling system is at the heart of the user-friendly design and uses an air deflector to transfer cool air to the percussion system.  This decreases the BH 65’s overall temperature and increases the operator comfort, safety and service life of the breaker.

 BH65_tentThe improved ergonomic features include a new compact design with redesigned hood and handles that make it easier to operate the unit.  This new design along with the unit’s patented air percussion system and vibration dampening housing allows operators to work for longer periods of time under more comfortable conditions without compromising performance and increasing productivity. 

 The BH 65 offers a complete package to contractors looking for in a high performance breaker, plus the convenience of a gasoline engine.  The BH 65 is powered by Wacker Neuson’s own EPA certified 2-cycle engine. This engine is specifically designed to withstand the though applications of the construction industry.  Weighing in at only 57 pounds and hitting with a single stroke impact of 47.9 foot pounds/ blow (65 Joules) at a rate of 1250 blows per minute, the BH 65 offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio.  The self contained unit does not require a generator or compressor, making it convenient and ideal for use in remote areas. 

A wide range of additional features have also been added to improve handling and maintenance.  The repositioned fuel cap is easier to access from any position and enables the operator to refill the tank with the unit is upright or lying on the ground. A purge bulb has been integrated into the BH 65 to remove air from the fuel line and improves starting.  Another plus is that the grease nipple, fuel filter and fuel cock can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes. 

For years, Wacker Neuson’s gasoline breaker has been a popular choice as a tent stake driver, railroad tie tamper, and post driver. The new BH 65 with improved cooling, ergonomics and low vibration will continue to be the breaker of choice for a variety of applications including breaking concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, stones, brickwork, frozen ground, heavy clay and similar materials.  It can also be used for cutting and breaking asphalt pavements, soil probes, ground rod stakes and tamping small backfill areas. 

 Test Drive Wednesday 4/10/13 at TRAM Vendor Demo Day

Olympic Tent logo_15003/01/2013

Olympic Tent’s rental company clients now have direct access to the 76-year old manufacturing company. This is the first time since the 1990’s that clients are able to order factory direct. Owner Scott Sutherland announces, “This is an exciting change and a tremendous improvement for our clients because we have removed an expensive and cumbersome layer in the sales process. This significantly reduces the cost of doing business.”

 Olympic Tent’s clients have profited from the change in several ways. Primarily, the new direct sales model has resulted in lowering the cost of their tents. Additionally, clients receive faster and more efficient service, are able to manage their orders more smoothly, and they can make changes more quickly.

 Since Olympic Tent’s long-time relationship with The SEC Group ended late last year, the company has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to market directly to the rental industry. However, there has been some confusion about the change. “Our clients had many questions”, explained Sutherland, “that revolved around their concern about how to purchase tents that are authentically made by Olympic Tent. We reassured them that they will always have access to genuine Olympic Tent products. The answer is simple; just call us direct.”

Olympic Tent has been designing and manufacturing superior tent products for the tenting industry since 1937. By constantly focusing on setting the standard for innovation, ease of use, and the highest quality, Olympic Tent has continued to be the supplier of choice for successful rental companies.

Olympic Tent is Located in the greater Seattle Tacoma area.
121 North G Street
Tacoma, WA 98403
Phone: 253-627-4128
Toll Free: 800-481-4128


Products Liability Claims by James Waite


Products Liability Claims
A Primer for Equipment Lessors
Products Liability” lawsuits represent the greatest legal threat to rental operators today.

Definition of “Products Liability”
A broad legal theory of liability that permits injured parties to sue all parties in the “chain of distribution ,” including equipment lessors for injuries and damages arising from the use of equipment.
Such liability is generally premised on one of four legal theories: (1) Negligence; (2) Breach of Warranty; (3) Misrepresentation; and (4) Strict Liability in Tort when a product is rendered “unreasonably dangerous” as a result of: (a) Design Defects: When the foreseeable risks of harm posed by the product could have been reduced or avoided by the adoption of a reasonable alternative design; (b) Manufacturing Defects: When the product departs from its intended design; and/or (c) Warning Defects: When the “foreseeable” risks of harm posed by the prouct could have been reduced or avoided by the provision of reasonable instructions or warnings.

Warrning Defects (typically, claims that lessors have failed to properly warn their customers of potential hazards associated with “foreseeable” uses of leased equipment) generate the majority of Strict Products Liability claims against equipment lessors.


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Pack rats or hoarders





Are we pack rats, or the newest term “hoarders” or do we just own a party rental store?
I am really not sure, but I do know it has been a long 4 weeks getting all our stuff counted, sorted, tagged, and labeled for the upcoming auction. 

    Over the course of the last 3 months I have had a chance to look at our business, and this time I took a step back and took a look from the outside looking in, and I can tell you that being in this business for 30 plus years we have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Some good, some that all you can do is shake your head and repeat “what was I thinking”, some just plain bad, and some we should have bought more of, some that just did not rent no matter what we did and some that were no-brainers.  The thing that I got from this exercise is that no matter how organized you are, how big your warehouse is, or how many checks and balances you have in place you will always find things that just make you go “really”. 

  A few observations that might amuse you 
   It amazes me that in every tent rental warehouse there is a perfectly tied noose hanging from the rafters or pallet racking but there are very few tent guys that can tie a tent knot on a stake (thank you for web guys and hand ratchets).
  No matter how well you label, color code or stencil your inventory white frame tops will end up with white pole tops and vice-versa.
  Everybody has a different way to roll up 1” web guy and hand ratchet assemblies, and I do not mean everybody industry-wide, I mean everybody that works here.
  Counting is a lost art.
  If you do not keep your sales staff up to date on your inventory you will hear this from your installers as you clean and count

“ I did not even know we had that widget”. We spent a lot of time training our installers but forgot about our sales people as far as what was really in that big warehouse.  I can’t emphasize enough about training but now will add a twist that you must include your sales people not just on installation techniques, but also on warehousing and what’s in it. 

  Why do I have a self-propelled, motorized, self-contained parade float in my inventory?  I guess that even after the rigors of day-to-day tent rental I must still have too much time on my hands. 

I want to remind all of you reading this that I still do not know the answer to my opening question, but am happy to say that even after the down-sizing and re-focusing of our company I still take no offense to being called a pack rat, hoarder or Party Rental Specialist as it is a disease that is life long and most often terminal. If you would like to add any of my stuff to your stuff there is still time to register at and take part in helping to cure my affliction. Preview Monday 11/26, Auction all day Tuesday 11/27/12 

See you all at TRAM   Dayton, Ohio April 8-10, 2013        Peter McVey





New High Peak Frame Tent

Contact Information:

Company: Vitabri Canopies

Contact Person: Damien Vieille

Tel: 714-842-7500



Of interest to editors and journalists covering: Event Industry, Tent Industry, Rental Industry, Specialty Fabrics, Catering,

Tradeshows, Party Organizers


From Festivals to Backyard Parties, Tent Users Can Now Enjoy Events Easier Than Ever.

European Tent Leader Vitabri Canopies Unveils New Innovation at Upcoming ARA Show

Huntington Beach,CA- Feb. 01, 2012 – Vitabri Canopies, Corp announces their new innovative tent line, the V3 High Peak. This new tent allows anyone to set up a Frame Tent safely within 30 seconds. This Tent is the only High Peak shape using the Pop Up Tent system, totally eliminating any pole assembly typically found in competitors’ models. This innovation is based on the company’s best seller, the V3 line. This high peak version was a highly demanded product from countless customers in the rental industry. It is comparable to any traditional frame tent but designed with their revolutionary “30-second deployment” system.
Company CEO Damien Vieille says, “The added advantage of our product is that it can replace the two types of tents you usually find in a rental shop: the traditional frame tents and the pop-up tents. With our products, you get one tent that can do both jobs. Our customers save time and money in setting up our tents instead of their usual Frame Tents and they feel more secure for their jobs that would usually require a pop-up tent.” “We are honored and excited to release the first high peak tent worldwide that includes a 30-second deployment system

at The Rental Show inNew Orleans,” Vieille said. Made in the USA with durable aluminum poles, stainless steel fastenings, and heavy-duty vinyl tops, they are built to endure intensive uses of professional tent rental companies. Safety is also a top priority; the vinyl tops are flame retardant. They are also guaranteed to be waterproof, not just water-resistant, keeping guests dry and protecting valuables from water damage.

The V3 High Peak is available in three sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. The telescoping legs make the canopy adjustable for three different heights up to 8 ft. The tent is designed for easy setup and takedown, without even having to remove the top from the frame, which means the top stays cleaner by never touching the ground. When you are finished using the tent, it conveniently collapses, occupying less than 5 square feet, ideal for compact storage. This tent allows users the freedom to do all jobs with one type of tent, offering less stress for rental companies. Beyond consumer safety, this new V3 is an ideal solution to reduce set up time for tents. This is a major concern for rental companies especially at this tough time in the economy.

 About Vitabri Canopies, Corp

Tent Manufacturer, based inHuntington Beach,CA, the company has been leading the tent business for more than 15 years.

Vitabri was started inFrancein 1997, always focusing on innovation and was the first manufacturer to introduce the aluminum frame in the canopy industry, which made the company the European market leader, in producing of canopies.

With growing demand in the rental industry for easierHighPeaktent set up, Vitabri has been focusing on a solution for the past year resulting in the industry’s biggest innovation to date.

For more information on this new product, e-mail or call 714-842-7500.

# # #

Anchor Aquires Economy Tent



Contact Information:
Niki Riat
Marketing Manager



Anchor Industries Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of tenting solutions for the Special Events industry announces the acquisition of Economy Tent International, a Miami based provider of 10’ to 40’ wide frame tents with a strong reputation for quality and value that is attested to by its nearly $6 million in revenues from a customer base in the northeast and southeast U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America.

Anchor and Economy have built their respective successes by serving different customer needs in the tent market. Anchor delivers the broadest selection of tent styles and sizes that have earned their legendary reputation for unparalleled quality through decades of service to demanding customers who need tailored tent solutions. This level of partnership goes beyond responsiveness to help improve their actual business methods. Economy Tent has built a sterling reputation by delivering a targeted set of frame tents to the price sensitive buyer that prizes efficiency in delivery and installation yet is unwilling to compromise on the quality of their tents.

“This stressed and uncertain economic environment has brought focus to the needs of rental companies that are just starting out or are involved in lower-margin fiercely competitive events like fairs, festivals and other events,” says Anchor CEO Pete Mogavero. “We are excited that our financial strength has allowed us to seize this opportunity to purchase a strong, profitable and highly productive company that will enhance our ability to serve these customer needs.” Anchor’s aggressive long term strategic plans, focused on being “The Best Partner for Every Stage of Your Climb to the Peak of Success,” dictated a bold move to create something new in the tent industry – a family of companies with multiple value propositions offering different combinations of features, price, levels of service and customization.

Anchor’s broad market reach is expected to accelerate Economy’s growth. Meanwhile, Economy’s 1200+ customer base will benefit from access to the huge selection of larger tents and structures in Anchor’s inventory when their needs and businesses grow. Economy Tent President Hal Lapping noted: “We weren’t looking to be acquired, but the chance to be part of the most respected company in the industry and the opportunities it brings are great for us and great for our customers.”  To ensure that these different customer needs remain effectively and efficiently served, Anchor and Economy will remain as separate companies, brands and facility locations (Evansville, Indiana and Miami, Florida). Both companies will continue to focus on the products and strategies that have satisfied their customers and driven their successes. Customers will continue to deal directly with each company however the two sales operations will interact to ensure that customers and prospects always get the best solution for their individual needs.

For more information on Anchor Industries Inc., visit or call us at 812-867-2421 or 800-544-4445.


Anchor Industries announces a strategic reorganization of its Special Events tenting operations to
capitalize on its Clearspan success and position it for accelerated growth in the structure marketplace.
“The new products and sharpened focus we’ve put into our Clearspan business have really helped us and
our customers overcome the tough economy we’ve all been dealing with. Now we need to align the
organization for the expansion we see on the horizon,” said Mike Crews, Anchor National Sales
As a vital facet of this reorganization Crews takes on the General Manager of Clearspan role
augmenting his National Sales Manager duties. Mike’s 20+ years in the industry playing key roles at
multiple leading structure vendors – including his 16 years at Anchor – give him unparalleled insight
and ability to drive Clearspan product and market direction. “It became obvious that the Clearspan
initiatives in our ongoing strategic planning process will be accelerated if Mike is driving them,”
remarked Anchor CEO Pete Mogavero. “Mike accepting these new responsibilities will allow us to
more effectively leverage his relationships, expertise in Clearspan logistics, creative problem solving
and deep understanding of the U.S. Clearspan market.”
For the past 12 months as Interim Clearspan Manager, Brad Gleason has lent the competence gained in
35 years as a rental business owner, manufacturer and Anchor Manufacturer’s Rep to Anchor’s
Clearspan operations providing invaluable continuity. This change frees up time for Brad to spend with
his loyal customer base while still serving as a Clearspan sales resource to the entire Anchor field. Eric
Hillenbrand, recently promoted to Clearspan Application Engineer, will focus exclusively on
Clearspan new product and custom design, backed up by Anchor’s large respected engineering staff.
Faye Masterson leverages 22 years at Anchor to make difficult orders look easy, resulting in a
promotion to Clearspan Sales Associate. Crews noted that “Brad has been a lifesaver stepping in and
keeping us on track while Eric and Faye are simply a machine – design expertise combined with vast
knowledge of Anchor processes – I’m amazed at how fast they get stuff done.”
At the same time, the expansion in Anchor’s overall Special Events business demands undiminished
attention to non-Clearspan products. John Fuchs receives a well-earned promotion from Regional
Sales Manager to General Manager of Special Events. Through a 22-year career at Anchor John has
amassed a great body of knowledge about the products, trends and needs of this industry, leading to
universal respect throughout Anchor and the industry at large. “The last couple of years would have
been a lot more painful for Anchor and me without John Fuchs,” praised Crews, “he’s calm and steady,
he inspires confidence in our team and our customers, and he just makes it happen. Having him in the
GM slot allows me to put more focus on Clearspan.”
Anchor’s Clearspan strategy is an example of why it has remained the leading provider of Special
Events tenting in the U.S. Merging the world-class German structure expertise of partner Roder AG
with unique U.S. design and manufacturing and coupling that with renowned customer service, allows
Anchor to deliver fast response on the broadest structure offering tailored to the American market
available. Anchor ceaselessly strives to be “The Best Partner for Every Stage of Your Climb to the Peak
of Success.”
Anchor Industries Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of outdoor recreational and industrial fabric
products since 1892. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Anchor has over 350,000 square feet of
manufacturing space and employs 300 skilled craftsmen.
For more information on Anchor Industries Inc., visit or call us at 812-867-2421 or

American Turf & Carpet Suppliers

America’s Largest Event Carpet & Turf Provider

American Turf and Carpet, LLC (ATC) was formed in 1992 by event professionals looking to meet the unique and demanding needs of customers for carpeting and artificial turf in the special events industry. ATC began with the belief that consistent quality, extraordinary service, rapid delivery times and flexibility would enable it to rise to the top of the special events field. Since then, ATC has grown into the nation’s largest supplier of artificial turf, event carpet, carpet runners, logo rugs, carpet accessories and installation services. From its humble beginnings in 1992 ATC has expanded to 4 strategically located offices and offers a broad range of floor covering options to the tent renter and event professional. For indoor and outdoor projects from simple carpet to complex custom-sized selections, ATC is a one-stop industry source.

In 2008, ATC was acquired by Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems, LLC – the world’s leading manufacturer of event flooring systems, including EventDeck and UltraDeck tent flooring, DanceDeck dance floors and DuraDeck portable roadways. As part of the Signature family, American Turf and Carpet now has access to a wide array of temporary fencing and flooring products and can meet an even wider range of event needs. Click here complete press release.

Our commitment to providing 24/7 industry leading customer service has been the hallmark of our company for 16 years. We pledge to maintain this service and to continue to earn our customers’ business.

Products & Services Offered:
Special Event Carpet
Artificial Turf
Custom Logo & Beveled Rugs
Red Carpet Runners
Commercial/Corporate Carpet
Carpet Installation Service
Tape & Carpet Accessories