Are we pack rats, or the newest term “hoarders” or do we just own a party rental store?
I am really not sure, but I do know it has been a long 4 weeks getting all our stuff counted, sorted, tagged, and labeled for the upcoming auction. 

    Over the course of the last 3 months I have had a chance to look at our business, and this time I took a step back and took a look from the outside looking in, and I can tell you that being in this business for 30 plus years we have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Some good, some that all you can do is shake your head and repeat “what was I thinking”, some just plain bad, and some we should have bought more of, some that just did not rent no matter what we did and some that were no-brainers.  The thing that I got from this exercise is that no matter how organized you are, how big your warehouse is, or how many checks and balances you have in place you will always find things that just make you go “really”. 

  A few observations that might amuse you 
   It amazes me that in every tent rental warehouse there is a perfectly tied noose hanging from the rafters or pallet racking but there are very few tent guys that can tie a tent knot on a stake (thank you for web guys and hand ratchets).
  No matter how well you label, color code or stencil your inventory white frame tops will end up with white pole tops and vice-versa.
  Everybody has a different way to roll up 1” web guy and hand ratchet assemblies, and I do not mean everybody industry-wide, I mean everybody that works here.
  Counting is a lost art.
  If you do not keep your sales staff up to date on your inventory you will hear this from your installers as you clean and count

“ I did not even know we had that widget”. We spent a lot of time training our installers but forgot about our sales people as far as what was really in that big warehouse.  I can’t emphasize enough about training but now will add a twist that you must include your sales people not just on installation techniques, but also on warehousing and what’s in it. 

  Why do I have a self-propelled, motorized, self-contained parade float in my inventory?  I guess that even after the rigors of day-to-day tent rental I must still have too much time on my hands. 

I want to remind all of you reading this that I still do not know the answer to my opening question, but am happy to say that even after the down-sizing and re-focusing of our company I still take no offense to being called a pack rat, hoarder or Party Rental Specialist as it is a disease that is life long and most often terminal. If you would like to add any of my stuff to your stuff there is still time to register at orbitbid.com and take part in helping to cure my affliction. Preview Monday 11/26, Auction all day Tuesday 11/27/12 

See you all at TRAM   Dayton, Ohio April 8-10, 2013        Peter McVey