Risk Assessment and Balancing a Level Playing Field

The challenge
to create a level playing field is not competitive or pitting inspectors and tent rental companies against one another, but the primary goal is a balance between life safety and profit.

what the current regulations are and how the restrictions could affect the event becomes the responsibility of both inspectors and tent rental companies. Our level playing field begins with theses regulations.

Example: A series of twelve 20X20 tents for a small festival.

IFC regulations require a twelve-foot separation between two tents. A possible option is to discuss with the inspector a modification of adjoining two 20X20’S tents and reclassify the area as a 20X40, along with a modified Egress in your restructured configuration to satisfy the 12-foot separation.

What you are trying to create
is an acceptable plan for your client and the inspector, but coming up with a new configuration on the job site is not the ideal place to begin. Remember that “cup-of coffee” approach and getting to know the inspector we previously suggested? Start with pre-investigative work then make a phone call to the inspector, have a discussion, and work together to create a solution.Then you can explanation to the client why the design plan changed.

We have performed
an application called “Risk Assessment.” Once you identify vulnerabilities, you analyze the risk associated with that threat and determine suitable ways to control the exposure. Our example of the twelve-foot separation between tents demonstrates how we analyzed and controlled the process using “Risk Assessment.”

the current rules and explaining the possible hazards and then presenting a “Risk Assessment” plan to your inspector is the starting point in maintaining a level playing field.

Respectfully Yours
Jim Erickson