ICC Code Revisions for 2018

My last post ended with the next topic defining public or private events in relationship to issuing fire permits. Well, “Save that thought.” Instead of a discussing public and private events we are going  to look at a proposal by the ICC Code Committee recommending code changes that will impact future fire permits for tents and membrane structures. Plus to create added drama, there is a second counter proposal that emulates additional interpretations to the original ICC code plan.

We need to start a discussion of the two proposals, what effect updated regulations will have on future fire permits and how these changes will impact private and public events. We need to  analyze the economic consequences if these articles passed.

So what did I miss the first time I glanced over the ICC Code Revisions?

The Code Revisions document posted on Tentrenters.net is a combination of the ICC proposals and the counter proposal. The counter proposal has underlined text with suggestions on changing the code, and the crossed out text are the portions that would be elimated from the code. Now we can move on to the areas that could affect your business for years to come.

A few items that peaked my interest:
  • Requiring a permit for installing a tent 400 SQ feet or larger
  • Requiring a fire break clearance of 12 feet between tents
  • Occupancy and egress.
  • Inspection of a tent or structure that is erected for more than 30 days
  • Connection corridors
  • If using curtains, exit openings shall be on a sliding metal support
  • Type of flame retardant used, company who applied, date of application and expiration date of application
  • 6”X9” label applied to each tent and sidewall sections under 800 SQ Ft. greater than 800 SQ FT two labels required
Why do we need to start a conversation?

The problem is that once an article or revision is approved, the process takes a minimum of three years to reverse or change the article in question. This requirement is a valid reason for beginning a discussion.

How to start our conversation?

You can begin the conversation by replying to this email with a comment, concern, or a yea or nay. Forward this email to your peers, asking them use the Comment selection to express their opinions. If you are reading this on our Facebook Page TentRenters, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, click Like this post, share, and comment on what concerns you may have regarding the ICC code revisions. If we do not start a conversation today about fire permits proposals, tomorrow could be too late.

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