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You are attending a local meeting hosted by the Fire Department and on the agenda is changes or revisions to tent permitting and installations. As the meeting progresses each new or revised code change procedure continues to develop into a “thorn in your installation side”. Regrettably, the meeting becomes uncomfortable for all and has to be adjourned in hopes that cooler heads will prevail at a future date. But that’s not going to happen because you are correct and they are wrong!

The idea that you are correct, and proving that you are correct, can take a lot of time and resources. Plus, you still need to run your business. This is why TentRenters.net has begun to compile and track the proposal changes or revised codes for our industry by following the various agency that regulates the national building codes along with a calendar of scheduled proposal dates of each committee. This becomes a monumental task and we are asking for your support to become a member of TentRenters.net. Your yearly membership of $250.00 for vendors and $150.00 for tent rental companies will defray the cost to continue to build this service. We all understand volunteering is an ideal way to keep costs to a minimum but when the process of revising or adding a new code takes three years it is very hard to maintain the enthusiasm along with keeping the same volunteers active in our pursuit to provide up-to-date information. As the old saying says “You get what you pay for”.

Here at TentRenters.net we have access to industry experts who, for a fee, assist you in your campaign to “get it right”. As a member you also have access to TentRenters.net WebEx video conferencing where you can host a meeting. There is a limit of 100 guests and seven video feeds.

To join click this link TentRenters.net Members and sign up as a new member. We accept major credit cards or PayPal. If you prefer to pay with a check, contact us at tents@tentrenters.net and we will send you an invoice.

Thank you for your consideration

Jim Erickson