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The tragic accident involving an Amtrak Train killing eight people may have been prevented if a speed control wireless network was turned on. Read Washington Examiner Story and how the solution is on the fast track.

An Indiana State Fair stage collapsed August 13,2011. An Evacuation Plan had been debated, and the decision delayed Read Events Leading Up to Collapse seven people were killed.

A tent collapses outside of a bar in St Louis April 28, 2012 injuring 20 and one person died of an apparent heart attack.  Read and view ABC reporting of the incident.

“Why do people have to die before regulations are enforced”? All three of these tragic events have one thing in common; they ignored safety procedures! We can debate it was an “Act of God” or “Human Error” but the end results mean stricter regulations are becoming the standard.

We do have choices regarding how rules will become enacted. One can sit and do nothing and hope the ICC committee does not destroy a portion of our business, or become involved and try to level the playing field. By leveling the playing field, we become involved with the officials and create regulations that are equitable to both sides.

A code official told me “We have and eye on you.” He stated that if the tent rental industry does not come forward with solutions the ICC committee will create regulations on their own without our input.

The Sleeping Bear is Awake and the time has come to accept that there are impending problems, so join TRAM together we can present ICC with a solution.

Last weekend there were 4,000 registered participants in our local marathon and the race started in a public park and finished on the campus of a local university. Fortunately, the weather was perfect before and after the festivities. The event ended at 3pm, however around 7pm a storm developed bringing rain, lighting, and 50mph wind. I am guessing the marathon organizers were together celebrating their well-deserved success when the storm arrived. They must have thought how fortunate the storm and threating conditions did not come earlier in the day and disrupt the race and festivities.

What the marathon organizers do not realize they were fortunate there was not a wind gust of 25mph or higher during the festivities that could have blown over the trusses and caused serious injuries.

This photo is one of the four truss structures exhibited on campus for the marathon. The truss structure pictured is appropriate inside the school theater, but outside additional badditional ballasting required for safetyallasting is necessary to accommodate wind loads. Collaboration between the event organizers and a vendor who is familiar with designing a truss structure specifically outdoors can solve the staking or ballasting problem. Without collaboration, the same truss structure will be erected next year and again potentially be an accident waiting to happen.

As a vendor, you may determine “No blood, no foul.” However, when an unfortunate mishap occurs the future of any event becomes scrutinized by officials who have the responsibility of keeping events safe in their jurisdiction. If we pay no attention to or admit that we could have or should have solved the problem before an accident occurs, demonstrating this lack of effort can threaten the integrity of our industry. To say that repairing this damage could take generations may be a bit dramatic, but memories last a long time and lack of trust is not easily reversed.

Combining collaboration with an evacuation plan regardless of the size of the event trump’s litigation.

The month of May is “Invite your Fire Marshal out for coffee month.”

cup-of-coffeeBefore you find an excuse, why not just do it. We can suggest one good reason “Building a Relationship”. Pick up the phone and schedule your coffee meeting. Note, our suggestion is a phone call not an email, or text an actual phone conversation. Your face-to-face meeting will require a conversation. So you can start the ball rolling with a phone call. If you still need additional persuasion, continue reading!

What are you going to discuss?
First, come prepared with questions. Start by asking what the Fire Marshals concerns are or problems with tent permits and site inspection. You want to have the Fire Marshal engaged in this conversation. Your job is to listen! The Fire Marshal may contribute by answering a number of your prepared question without you asking. When it is your turn to ask a question about a permit problem, be prepared by offering a solution to the problem.

Explain the nature of your business 
and use an example such as a client asking you to create an event, and they need it next week. It happens every season! Our example is not about a backyard  party. We are talking about an event that can create a significant economic impact on the community, you and Fire Marshal have a responsibility to create an event that is safe. This is where you go and refill your coffee cups.

Another question,
you can ask is “What ICC Code year cycle the tent permit is currently referencing and if there is a discussion of adapting to a newer cycle?” If the answer is yes, follow up with how this will affect future permits and inspection. For discussion back at the office how will the changes affect your business?

Building a relationship with your Fire Marshall can prepare you both for the call that starts with “Hey Joe remember the conversation about the last minute client?”


Join TRAM and become part of the solution


TRAM Tent Stake Data

Sec_GroupProvided by The SEC Group – Mathew Holt

Subject: Testing with five foot stake to pole distance and 7′ side pole height

Testing with five foot stake to pole distance and 7′ side pole height
Test date 4/10/13 – 9:00 AM. – Temp. 70 degrees f – Dry conditions
1/2″ – 18″ Jay Hook Stake – 200 lbs failure 1/2″ – 24″ Nail Head Stake – 300 lbs failure – 5/8″ – 18″ Double Head Stake- set at maximum depth- 400 lbs failure 3/4″ – 24″ Nail Head concrete form stake – 300-400 lbs failure 1″ -24″ single head stake – 300 lbs failure 1″ – 30″ single head stake – 300 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven half depth – rope placement at base of stake -200 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven half depth – rope placement top of stake – 400 lbs failure 1″ -42″ – driven proper depth – rope placement bottom of stake – 500 lbs failure 1″ – 42″ – driven on angle to proper depth- rope placement bottom of stake – 500 lbs failure 1″ -42″ – double head driven to proper depth – 2″ web guy and ratchet – 1000 lbs failure
1 1/8″ – 42″ -double head driven to proper depth-ground mounted ratchet and web guy – 1400 lbs failure Two 1″ – 42″ double head with two hole stake bar stakes set behind each other, ground ratchet and AB guy – 1200 lbs failure Three 1″ -42″ double head stakes with two, two hole stake plates set in ” v” shape with two stakes behind front stake – ground ratchet and web guy – 220 lbs failure
1 -1/8″ – 42″ , three hole stake bar with single ground ratchet and web guy, ratchet mounted in center stake – 3000 lbs failure
1 -1/8″ – 42″ , five hole stake bar with two ground ratchets and web guys, ratchets in stakes 2 and 4 – 4500 lbs NO Failure. Estimate in on site soil conditions system would fail at 6000 + lbs
1 ” – 42″ – two three hole stake bars in line to set six stakes with two ground ratchets and web guys – ratchets set on stakes 2and 4 – conditional failure at 5000 lbs.


www.greatmats.com_images_products_max_portable-dancefloorIntroducing EZ Connect Portable Dance Floor, an excellent portable dance floor system that snaps together in minutes.  It’s quick, simple, inexpensive, and looks fantastic.  This dance floor features a commercial-quality, vinyl laminate surface complete with UV protective coating.  Perfect for weddings and other events both indoors or out.

EZ Connect Portable Dance Floor is best portable dance flooring on the market and we sell it at unbeatable prices.   Compare the rugged tab/loop interlock system to the competition, EZ Connect is designed for repeated installation and tear down.  The connection tabs will not break from repeated installations.

Choose a warm and comfortable wood grain or stone pattern to bring your portable dance floor to life. This flooring easily interlocks together and is designed for repeated installations.  Water resistant vinyl is durable and provides great traction.  Beveled edges are available for “island” installations to reduce any tripping hazards.

EZ Connect is manufactured in the USA, the surface texture of this vinyl tile features a scratch resistance designed for heavy traffic that allows for tables and chairs during the day and a full-on basketball game or aerobics class at night.  This innovative raised floor tile system also offers versatility for all types of applications.  Use this flooring in just about any capacity you need to.  Works great as flooring for your tent too!

15 year wear layer surface and a 10 year limited lifetime warranty included.


Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622 or visit our site at


Products Liability Claims
A Primer for Equipment Lessors
Products Liability” lawsuits represent the greatest legal threat to rental operators today.

Definition of “Products Liability”
A broad legal theory of liability that permits injured parties to sue all parties in the “chain of distribution ,” including equipment lessors for injuries and damages arising from the use of equipment.
Such liability is generally premised on one of four legal theories: (1) Negligence; (2) Breach of Warranty; (3) Misrepresentation; and (4) Strict Liability in Tort when a product is rendered “unreasonably dangerous” as a result of: (a) Design Defects: When the foreseeable risks of harm posed by the product could have been reduced or avoided by the adoption of a reasonable alternative design; (b) Manufacturing Defects: When the product departs from its intended design; and/or (c) Warning Defects: When the “foreseeable” risks of harm posed by the prouct could have been reduced or avoided by the provision of reasonable instructions or warnings.

Warrning Defects (typically, claims that lessors have failed to properly warn their customers of potential hazards associated with “foreseeable” uses of leased equipment) generate the majority of Strict Products Liability claims against equipment lessors.


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Pack rats or hoarders





Are we pack rats, or the newest term “hoarders” or do we just own a party rental store?
I am really not sure, but I do know it has been a long 4 weeks getting all our stuff counted, sorted, tagged, and labeled for the upcoming auction. 

    Over the course of the last 3 months I have had a chance to look at our business, and this time I took a step back and took a look from the outside looking in, and I can tell you that being in this business for 30 plus years we have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Some good, some that all you can do is shake your head and repeat “what was I thinking”, some just plain bad, and some we should have bought more of, some that just did not rent no matter what we did and some that were no-brainers.  The thing that I got from this exercise is that no matter how organized you are, how big your warehouse is, or how many checks and balances you have in place you will always find things that just make you go “really”. 

  A few observations that might amuse you 
   It amazes me that in every tent rental warehouse there is a perfectly tied noose hanging from the rafters or pallet racking but there are very few tent guys that can tie a tent knot on a stake (thank you for web guys and hand ratchets).
  No matter how well you label, color code or stencil your inventory white frame tops will end up with white pole tops and vice-versa.
  Everybody has a different way to roll up 1” web guy and hand ratchet assemblies, and I do not mean everybody industry-wide, I mean everybody that works here.
  Counting is a lost art.
  If you do not keep your sales staff up to date on your inventory you will hear this from your installers as you clean and count

“ I did not even know we had that widget”. We spent a lot of time training our installers but forgot about our sales people as far as what was really in that big warehouse.  I can’t emphasize enough about training but now will add a twist that you must include your sales people not just on installation techniques, but also on warehousing and what’s in it. 

  Why do I have a self-propelled, motorized, self-contained parade float in my inventory?  I guess that even after the rigors of day-to-day tent rental I must still have too much time on my hands. 

I want to remind all of you reading this that I still do not know the answer to my opening question, but am happy to say that even after the down-sizing and re-focusing of our company I still take no offense to being called a pack rat, hoarder or Party Rental Specialist as it is a disease that is life long and most often terminal. If you would like to add any of my stuff to your stuff there is still time to register at and take part in helping to cure my affliction. Preview Monday 11/26, Auction all day Tuesday 11/27/12 

See you all at TRAM   Dayton, Ohio April 8-10, 2013        Peter McVey





New High Peak Frame Tent

Contact Information:

Company: Vitabri Canopies

Contact Person: Damien Vieille

Tel: 714-842-7500



Of interest to editors and journalists covering: Event Industry, Tent Industry, Rental Industry, Specialty Fabrics, Catering,

Tradeshows, Party Organizers


From Festivals to Backyard Parties, Tent Users Can Now Enjoy Events Easier Than Ever.

European Tent Leader Vitabri Canopies Unveils New Innovation at Upcoming ARA Show

Huntington Beach,CA- Feb. 01, 2012 – Vitabri Canopies, Corp announces their new innovative tent line, the V3 High Peak. This new tent allows anyone to set up a Frame Tent safely within 30 seconds. This Tent is the only High Peak shape using the Pop Up Tent system, totally eliminating any pole assembly typically found in competitors’ models. This innovation is based on the company’s best seller, the V3 line. This high peak version was a highly demanded product from countless customers in the rental industry. It is comparable to any traditional frame tent but designed with their revolutionary “30-second deployment” system.
Company CEO Damien Vieille says, “The added advantage of our product is that it can replace the two types of tents you usually find in a rental shop: the traditional frame tents and the pop-up tents. With our products, you get one tent that can do both jobs. Our customers save time and money in setting up our tents instead of their usual Frame Tents and they feel more secure for their jobs that would usually require a pop-up tent.” “We are honored and excited to release the first high peak tent worldwide that includes a 30-second deployment system

at The Rental Show inNew Orleans,” Vieille said. Made in the USA with durable aluminum poles, stainless steel fastenings, and heavy-duty vinyl tops, they are built to endure intensive uses of professional tent rental companies. Safety is also a top priority; the vinyl tops are flame retardant. They are also guaranteed to be waterproof, not just water-resistant, keeping guests dry and protecting valuables from water damage.

The V3 High Peak is available in three sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. The telescoping legs make the canopy adjustable for three different heights up to 8 ft. The tent is designed for easy setup and takedown, without even having to remove the top from the frame, which means the top stays cleaner by never touching the ground. When you are finished using the tent, it conveniently collapses, occupying less than 5 square feet, ideal for compact storage. This tent allows users the freedom to do all jobs with one type of tent, offering less stress for rental companies. Beyond consumer safety, this new V3 is an ideal solution to reduce set up time for tents. This is a major concern for rental companies especially at this tough time in the economy.

 About Vitabri Canopies, Corp

Tent Manufacturer, based inHuntington Beach,CA, the company has been leading the tent business for more than 15 years.

Vitabri was started inFrancein 1997, always focusing on innovation and was the first manufacturer to introduce the aluminum frame in the canopy industry, which made the company the European market leader, in producing of canopies.

With growing demand in the rental industry for easierHighPeaktent set up, Vitabri has been focusing on a solution for the past year resulting in the industry’s biggest innovation to date.

For more information on this new product, e-mail or call 714-842-7500.

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