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New High Peak Frame Tent

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Company: Vitabri Canopies

Contact Person: Damien Vieille

Tel: 714-842-7500



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From Festivals to Backyard Parties, Tent Users Can Now Enjoy Events Easier Than Ever.

European Tent Leader Vitabri Canopies Unveils New Innovation at Upcoming ARA Show

Huntington Beach,CA- Feb. 01, 2012 – Vitabri Canopies, Corp announces their new innovative tent line, the V3 High Peak. This new tent allows anyone to set up a Frame Tent safely within 30 seconds. This Tent is the only High Peak shape using the Pop Up Tent system, totally eliminating any pole assembly typically found in competitors’ models. This innovation is based on the company’s best seller, the V3 line. This high peak version was a highly demanded product from countless customers in the rental industry. It is comparable to any traditional frame tent but designed with their revolutionary “30-second deployment” system.
Company CEO Damien Vieille says, “The added advantage of our product is that it can replace the two types of tents you usually find in a rental shop: the traditional frame tents and the pop-up tents. With our products, you get one tent that can do both jobs. Our customers save time and money in setting up our tents instead of their usual Frame Tents and they feel more secure for their jobs that would usually require a pop-up tent.” “We are honored and excited to release the first high peak tent worldwide that includes a 30-second deployment system

at The Rental Show inNew Orleans,” Vieille said. Made in the USA with durable aluminum poles, stainless steel fastenings, and heavy-duty vinyl tops, they are built to endure intensive uses of professional tent rental companies. Safety is also a top priority; the vinyl tops are flame retardant. They are also guaranteed to be waterproof, not just water-resistant, keeping guests dry and protecting valuables from water damage.

The V3 High Peak is available in three sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. The telescoping legs make the canopy adjustable for three different heights up to 8 ft. The tent is designed for easy setup and takedown, without even having to remove the top from the frame, which means the top stays cleaner by never touching the ground. When you are finished using the tent, it conveniently collapses, occupying less than 5 square feet, ideal for compact storage. This tent allows users the freedom to do all jobs with one type of tent, offering less stress for rental companies. Beyond consumer safety, this new V3 is an ideal solution to reduce set up time for tents. This is a major concern for rental companies especially at this tough time in the economy.

 About Vitabri Canopies, Corp

Tent Manufacturer, based inHuntington Beach,CA, the company has been leading the tent business for more than 15 years.

Vitabri was started inFrancein 1997, always focusing on innovation and was the first manufacturer to introduce the aluminum frame in the canopy industry, which made the company the European market leader, in producing of canopies.

With growing demand in the rental industry for easierHighPeaktent set up, Vitabri has been focusing on a solution for the past year resulting in the industry’s biggest innovation to date.

For more information on this new product, e-mail or call 714-842-7500.

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America’s Oldest Tent Maker

Since 1875, Armbruster has been producing the finest tents available anywhere in the world. More than 135 years of engineering and expertise go into every tent we design and manufacture.

As testified to by a long list of repeated customers, no shortcuts are taken in the manufacture of an Armbruster tent. Our experience and quality are evident in the design of each and every tent, such as the stainless steel hardware with incorporate into each of our structures. All Armbruster tents are produced from the highest grade materials to provide you with superior quality. The finest flame retardant and mildew resistant coated vinyl and polyester fabrics are used in all Armbruster tents.

Other unique characteristics include premium polyester vinyl coated webbing, anodized aluminum, galvanized aircraft cable, and stainless steel plates and grommets. The result of this strict attention to detail is the safest, most durable tents on the market.  Our superior craftsmanship and finishing details are unmatched in the industry.

Beyond the quality of the materials are the design aesthetics. Armbruster tents feature a unique balanced two-color format that alternates color bands along seam lines. Balanced color formatting creates an eye-pleasing design that you won’t find anywhere else. Our peaked tents are designed to withstand heavy winds, rain and snow yet have gentle curves and bands that make them the most elegant looking on the market.

Each Armbruster tent is backed by a 135 year commitment to excellence. From the classic look and quality of the Armbruster PoleTent®, to the durable Celebration®, to the elegant lines of the EuroTent®, to the unique designing of the Armbruster TensionTent®, we have you covered. Armbruster also offers a wide range of custom clearspans, and frame structures to fit your every need.  With Armbruster you will find the tent that is perfect for your application and budget.signature