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Wacker Neuson Tent Stake Driver

April 3, 2013
Contact: Julie Shuster
Wacker Neuson Corporation
Marketing Communications


Wacker Neuson tent stake driver improves productivity 

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin – Wacker Neuson’s gasoline breaker makes driving tent stakes easy.  The BH 65 offers operator comfort with an optional lower handle especially designed for driving stakes.  The BH 65 offers improved liability, serviceability and ergonomics features to increase production.   The improved cooling system is at the heart of the user-friendly design and uses an air deflector to transfer cool air to the percussion system.  This decreases the BH 65’s overall temperature and increases the operator comfort, safety and service life of the breaker.

 BH65_tentThe improved ergonomic features include a new compact design with redesigned hood and handles that make it easier to operate the unit.  This new design along with the unit’s patented air percussion system and vibration dampening housing allows operators to work for longer periods of time under more comfortable conditions without compromising performance and increasing productivity. 

 The BH 65 offers a complete package to contractors looking for in a high performance breaker, plus the convenience of a gasoline engine.  The BH 65 is powered by Wacker Neuson’s own EPA certified 2-cycle engine. This engine is specifically designed to withstand the though applications of the construction industry.  Weighing in at only 57 pounds and hitting with a single stroke impact of 47.9 foot pounds/ blow (65 Joules) at a rate of 1250 blows per minute, the BH 65 offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio.  The self contained unit does not require a generator or compressor, making it convenient and ideal for use in remote areas. 

A wide range of additional features have also been added to improve handling and maintenance.  The repositioned fuel cap is easier to access from any position and enables the operator to refill the tank with the unit is upright or lying on the ground. A purge bulb has been integrated into the BH 65 to remove air from the fuel line and improves starting.  Another plus is that the grease nipple, fuel filter and fuel cock can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes. 

For years, Wacker Neuson’s gasoline breaker has been a popular choice as a tent stake driver, railroad tie tamper, and post driver. The new BH 65 with improved cooling, ergonomics and low vibration will continue to be the breaker of choice for a variety of applications including breaking concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, stones, brickwork, frozen ground, heavy clay and similar materials.  It can also be used for cutting and breaking asphalt pavements, soil probes, ground rod stakes and tamping small backfill areas. 

 Test Drive Wednesday 4/10/13 at TRAM Vendor Demo Day

Wacker The Great Trade In!

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Wacker Neuson’s re-designed gasoline stake driver offers operator comfort with an optional lower handle especially designed for driving tent stakes. The 2-Stroke engine is designed to run clean and efficiently giving you the power needed to drive stakes through difficult surfaces. Trade-in your old gas stake driver (any brand) and get $350 off a new BH 65! That means you can own a new breaker for only $2645 plus shipping!