Anchor Industries announces a strategic reorganization of its Special Events tenting operations to
capitalize on its Clearspan success and position it for accelerated growth in the structure marketplace.
“The new products and sharpened focus we’ve put into our Clearspan business have really helped us and
our customers overcome the tough economy we’ve all been dealing with. Now we need to align the
organization for the expansion we see on the horizon,” said Mike Crews, Anchor National Sales
As a vital facet of this reorganization Crews takes on the General Manager of Clearspan role
augmenting his National Sales Manager duties. Mike’s 20+ years in the industry playing key roles at
multiple leading structure vendors – including his 16 years at Anchor – give him unparalleled insight
and ability to drive Clearspan product and market direction. “It became obvious that the Clearspan
initiatives in our ongoing strategic planning process will be accelerated if Mike is driving them,”
remarked Anchor CEO Pete Mogavero. “Mike accepting these new responsibilities will allow us to
more effectively leverage his relationships, expertise in Clearspan logistics, creative problem solving
and deep understanding of the U.S. Clearspan market.”
For the past 12 months as Interim Clearspan Manager, Brad Gleason has lent the competence gained in
35 years as a rental business owner, manufacturer and Anchor Manufacturer’s Rep to Anchor’s
Clearspan operations providing invaluable continuity. This change frees up time for Brad to spend with
his loyal customer base while still serving as a Clearspan sales resource to the entire Anchor field. Eric
Hillenbrand, recently promoted to Clearspan Application Engineer, will focus exclusively on
Clearspan new product and custom design, backed up by Anchor’s large respected engineering staff.
Faye Masterson leverages 22 years at Anchor to make difficult orders look easy, resulting in a
promotion to Clearspan Sales Associate. Crews noted that “Brad has been a lifesaver stepping in and
keeping us on track while Eric and Faye are simply a machine – design expertise combined with vast
knowledge of Anchor processes – I’m amazed at how fast they get stuff done.”
At the same time, the expansion in Anchor’s overall Special Events business demands undiminished
attention to non-Clearspan products. John Fuchs receives a well-earned promotion from Regional
Sales Manager to General Manager of Special Events. Through a 22-year career at Anchor John has
amassed a great body of knowledge about the products, trends and needs of this industry, leading to
universal respect throughout Anchor and the industry at large. “The last couple of years would have
been a lot more painful for Anchor and me without John Fuchs,” praised Crews, “he’s calm and steady,
he inspires confidence in our team and our customers, and he just makes it happen. Having him in the
GM slot allows me to put more focus on Clearspan.”
Anchor’s Clearspan strategy is an example of why it has remained the leading provider of Special
Events tenting in the U.S. Merging the world-class German structure expertise of partner Roder AG
with unique U.S. design and manufacturing and coupling that with renowned customer service, allows
Anchor to deliver fast response on the broadest structure offering tailored to the American market
available. Anchor ceaselessly strives to be “The Best Partner for Every Stage of Your Climb to the Peak
of Success.”
Anchor Industries Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of outdoor recreational and industrial fabric
products since 1892. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Anchor has over 350,000 square feet of
manufacturing space and employs 300 skilled craftsmen.
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